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Drink Cultura: Chicanismo by José Antonio Burciaga

"There are countless categories and types of pendejos. The following are but a few:

*The politicos: Who think they will change the world with money, charisma, or speeches.

*The hopeless pendejos: who blame all their problems on bad luck instead of the fact that they are pendejos.

*The happy ones: Who believe in their superiority over other pendejos who look up to them.

*The dramatic pendejos: Who can be identified at a distance of one city block, by their stance and by the way they walk, sometimes carrying a book or two.

*The pseudo-intellectuals: who act as if they are in deep thought on some theory when in reality they are wondering where they parked their cars.

*The optomistic pendejos: who are naive, happy, and talkative. They look for hidden treasures, mines, underground water. They also buy lottery tickets, bet on everything and believe in television wrestling.

*The pessimistic or doubting pendejos: who don’t believe in anything you tell them. If you don’t believe this, you fall into this category. And if you do believe this, then you might fall into the category of those pendejos who believe everything.

*Entreprenuerial pendejos: who have grandiose projects, are eloquent, and make great salesmen. If this type convinces you, you are an even bigger pendejo.

2 years ago | 05:25pm
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